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Patti Tosti, Director of the Coordinated Response to Elder Abuse in Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee

About Tosti Consulting

With the growing population of baby boomers, elder abuse is becoming more of a concern. Approximately 30-40 years behind Child Protective Services, the laws, policies and funding of Adult Protective Services requires more attention to protect older adults who want it. Developing a Coordinated Community Response (CCR) is a critical need in Memphis and in communities across the country. A CCR brings together a variety of stakeholders such as law enforcement, the court system, social workers and aging services in order to respond to elder abuse in a seamless and victim-centered way. A CCR requires each organization to self-examine their policies and protocols and work together with other organizations to create an efficient, supportive and team-based approach to providing protection to older adults.

Tosti Consulting specializes in supporting communities by organizing and developing a Coordinated Community Response. This is done by working with cross-functional stakeholders to assess gaps in care, develop an action plan based on identified gaps and working with local teams to develop a 24/7 service response to meet the needs of older adults.

About Patti

Patti Tosti is the Founder and President of Tosti Consulting, Inc., which specializes in enabling groups of stakeholders to develop actionable solutions to improve their communities. In both a nod to her last name and to her company’s mission, “TOSTI” stands for “Team Organized Solutions To Improve [communities]”.

Patti has over 10 years of project management experience with grant-funded organizations and over 12 years of social work practice. Additionally, Patti is skilled at mobilizing and coordinating a variety of stakeholders, both locally and nationally, to address gaps, create actionable solutions and build new programs and platforms to transform communities.

Patti is passionate about catalyzing fundamental change and driving meaningful impact at the system level. The cornerstone to her work is in aligning key stakeholders and working to build bridges that transform theoretical concepts into practical outcomes.

Patti provides her expertise to organizations who support older adults.

Being involved in the community is important and Patti has served on several committees and board of directors with a focus on leadership, race relations and mentoring. Patti received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Saint Joseph’s College in Maine and studied a semester overseas in Galway, Ireland. In 2012, she received an Executive MBA at the University of Memphis, a super challenge for her since her only business class prior to the MBA program was “typewriting” in 1986.

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